Monday, September 5, 2011

Busy/Crazy Fall has BEGUN!!

It amazes me that I let myself be blindsided by how busy our life always becomes once school starts. We have a son in football:

2 daughters in soccer (only 1 pictured because DADDY forgot to take the camera for #1's first game...hmph):
And this is also when the hunting craze begins in our family. My husband and oldest daughter are bow hunting this year so the family has been scouting the woods often. Loved this picture of hubby and son :)
AND...I love this part! My mom and dad recently got a nifty, new pet. Meet DENVER! He's a 5 month old donkey - half miniature and half regular. We love him :)
I have to share this photo, too. Poor Fluff...she's loved so much that sometimes it must seem like torture to her. Um, I must admit that it was *me* that dressed her in a Build A Bear Workshop tshirt. I just couldn't help was there and she was there, it fit, she hated it, I laughed. A good time was had by all (mostly by all):

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