Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello...remember me?

I'm sure I'm one of *the worst* bloggers out there. My last update was September...really? Yes! So what have I been up to? Life, mostly :) I work, I read, I scrap, I chase kids and husband...life!

So here's my latest layout from the world's BEST sketch sight, http://www.nutsaboutsketches.blogspot.com/. I <3 Shawn!!

Last summer my husband found the neatest amusement/water park in Santa Clause, IN. HOLIDAY WORLD! We went for a few days in early July and absolutely loved it. Shawn's sketch called for one 5x7 photo, but I decided to use it for a bunch of those left over theme park photos using a collage print.

So once again...I promise to try to keep up with this blog thing...promise!

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  1. you should have visited when I lived out there by Holiday World.